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Art: Marimekko at Avon


Art: Marimekko at Avon

Like Finnish designers?
Like make up?
Like not getting off your arse to buy said make up?
Do I have a feature for you!

Marimekko has created some gorgeous, exclusive, limited edition, super spesh prods for Avon this Autumn. Well, it’s out now but hey, have you looked outside? It’s Autumn, people.

The collection interprets Marimekko’s unique philosophy – design that creates beauty in people’s every day lives. You know, like watching Heroes every day to get a peep at Milo Ventimiglia. (That is what it means, right?). I digress, each piece features the iconic Unikko design with a unique , fresh colouring for Avon and there are four limited edition colour products including an eyeshadow palette, face powder and mascara to collect.

Aww, pretty.
Almost as pretty as Milo Ventimiglia.
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