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Home Ec: Delicious Beauty


Home Ec: Delicious Beauty

I am having a touch time sticking to anything approximating a healthy eating campaign at the moment… I don’t know if it’s the weather turning crappy, my manic lifestyle or, well, the fact that Wispas are back in the shops, but whatever it is, it’s HARD.

But when my willpower breaks down, there’s somewhere I can always turn for a quick sugar fix and that’s Delicious Beauty. The gorgeous Coconut & Shea prods are just made to fix those sweet cravings, especially the bath cubes (deliciously retro) and as much I HATE to talk about it because beauty should never be squeezed, the prices are credit crunch friendly, with all the scrubs and body butters in the range available at Tesco for just £4.99. And should you already be thinking about it, they make great stocking fillers i.e. I would like to receive them please.

God, I could go for a big fluffy coconut bath right now…http://0

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