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Design and Technology: Karpati


Design and Technology: Karpati

It’s not often I am amazed by something (that isn’t Peter Petrelli with his top off) but bugger me backwards, someone has had an amazing idea.

Karpati is a fab new nail range. So far, so it must be Monday, right?
WRONG. Not only are these nail colours a) super pretty and b) all natural with no nasty chemicals to seep through your nail bed and into your sweet self, they have the most amazing packaging that is about to change your life. Basically, you slip it onto your hand like a ring (or a super attractive knuckle duster) and ta-da! No need for a flat surface.

So fab is the packaging, it has been included in my all time favourite museum, MoMA in New York (where I will be visiting on FRIDAY for my BIRTHDAY and will take a pic of me pointing at the wondrous stuff to prove it). And so fab are the super lovely classic colours that they have been included in my nail care regime.
It doesn’t get any more exclusive than that.

The colours are £9.95 each and available at www. karpati.comhttp://0

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