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Lee Stafford Bling

Tomorrow we start the serious business of Beauty University so here is one last party post before we really knuckle down to business (ahem)…

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get very excited about Christmas. The dodgy seasonal shop is open on my high street, the Boots Christmas Catalogue is out, all the signs are there. All that is left is to lose three stone and get out the hair glitter.
What’s that? You don’t do hair glitter? Glitter is for tweens and X Factor rejects?

Well, perhaps I can interest you in one Mr Lee Stafford’s terribly sophisticated and yet ridiculously fun new range, Bling? The ingenious collection not only preps your hair for the party season ahead, it also includes a Rehab shampoo and conditioning range to make it up to your hair it the morning after. If only all such morning after disasters were so repairable…

As a new brunette (yes, I’ve gone to the dark side for Autumn Winter), I’m loving the 4 Brunettes Glimmer Serum. It’s chocka with vitamins and lovely hazelnut oil to really give shine and shimmer to dark hair. The 4 Blondes version, with lemon and chamomile, looks pretty good too. And I don’t care what you say, one spritz of the Sparkle Spray and you’ll be converted. This isn’t the glitter hairspray of old, this is a gorgeous multi-tone glimmer spray that smells delicious and quite frankly says ‘we’re here, we’re girls and we’re here to party’ like nothing else. Literally, the easiest way to do a 180 on work hair if you’re out straight after the office.

Aside from chugging a glass of champagne and a sambuca in the pub across the road at 5.30.
Which I would never do…

Bypass All Bar One and head straight to Boots to pick up the entire range, everything’s under £6.00! Which is considerably cheaper than a champagne and a sambuca in London.
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