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Beauty University: Prescriptives Custom Colour


Beauty University: Prescriptives Custom Colour

Now, before you can truly partake in Beauty University, you must put in proper foundations… As I may have mentioned on occasion, I am fairly pale so it’s important that I get my foundation just right. Now, my picture doesn’t feature on this blog often but, cough, here’s a NOT GOOD picture of me from my recent birthday… I’m the the one not wearing a waistcoat and holding the diet (but-no-vodka-at-all-and) coke. But you can see my predicament? And my awesome new brunette do.

But I digress, there are so few foundations out there that work for me and about a eighteen months ago, I resigned myself to the fact that I would always look a tiny bit orange. BUT THEN the most magical thing in the world happened… I came across Prescriptives Custom Colour foundation.
And it was magical.

Basically, Custom Colours is made to measure foundation which does exactly what you think it does. They actually make you your own foundation to match your skin! The colour match is perfect but, even more importantly, the actual product is great. It would be so easy to match the colour but then give a shoddy foundation but no. The coverage is perfect, it stays on all day and you get a great big old bottle. I got about eight months out of my first bottle. Can you say about your Dream Matte Mousse? And yes, I know £45 is a lot to spend on foundation (although you get an absolutely bloody amazing mini travel-sized bottle that I can’t live without) but really, I have yet to find a foundation that beats it. The foundation, the powder and the concealer are available at Prescriptives counters nationwide, the lipsticks and lip glosses at Harrods, daahling.http://0

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