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Marian Newman Inkredibles


Marian Newman Inkredibles

Now you know I tend to get a bit overexcited about, well, everything but at the moment it’s a toss up between High School Musical 3 and the witchcraft that is Marian Newman’s Inkredibles.
I know what you’re thinking, calling your product Inkredibles is setting yourself up for a fall, right? But ooooohhhhhhhhhhh no. These things are AMAZING. I will attempt to explain them without actually crying with joy.

Basically, Inkredibles are nail polishes but instead of being made up of all evil chemicals that can only be dissolved with equally evil chemicals, they are water-based. As if that wasn’t enough, they come in cool little click pens, like Stila lip glazes, so they’re easy to carry around. But why would you want to carry around nail polishes, I hear you ask? I can’t paint my nails on the go! Well, I would say with my jaw agape and my eyes wide, you can now!

The beauty of Inkredibles are that they dry in 10 – 20 seconds. Seriously. And if you get any on your skin, you can WASH IT OFF or use the little ‘Moisture’ sachet to clean up. Once your nails are perfect, you just set them with the Wrapture glossy topcoat which also sets in mere secons and then you’re done. SERIOUSLY. And when you’re done, you just wipe the whole lot off with a ‘Remove’ sachet. See? Incredible.
And if it weren’t enough that the product itself is a completely life changing experience, the colours are awful pretty too, I’m loving Black Beth, named after Beth Ditto.

Inkredibles are currently available at Selfridges, £22.00 for a colour, a Wrapture topcoat, Remove sachet and Moisture wipe. Seriously, they have finally put a price on magic.
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