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Bobbi Brown Metallics


Bobbi Brown Metallics

As you all know, there are two things in life that are guaranteed to get my attention.
1. Sparkly things
2. Make-up
(And well, three, hot boys with floppy hair and guitars* but that doesn’t tie into this post as well so we’ll leave that be.)

So imagine my delight when I got wind of the new Bobbi Brown Metallics collection… It’s SO pretty!

See how sparkly??? The lipsticks are divine. There are 15 shades to choose from, all of which are purdy and more importantly, they feel lovely. As for the eyeshadows, I don’t have enough words. 17 shades of wonder. They’re super shimmery, the intensity of the pigment is fabulous so there’s no need to be building up twenty-layers to get a true colour and they can be popped out of their little cases and dropped into one of the new palettes. In case you needed another reason to buy several. I’m obsessed with Sage. And Java. And Rockstar. And Midnight. And, oh bloody hell, all of them. Thank GOD they’re a permanent part of the line or I’d be bankrupting myself at the counter right now. Who needs to pay a mortgage?

Find our how fab they are for yourself Bobbi Brown counters and at now.
I’ll be the weirdo lurking at the side rubbing all 17 shades on the backs of my hands…

*Imagine if a hot boy with floppy hair produced the entire collection from his guitar case. Wow. A girl’s got to dream, okay?http://0

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