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Halloween Extravaganza


Halloween Extravaganza

I am inexplicably BESIDE MYSELF about Halloween this year… It’s all very odd.
Part of this is due to the fact that I have the best costume ever. Zombie Cheerleader. Oh Yes.
Now, as you can imagine, the zombie make up is key to this look (aside from the pom poms and High School Musical outfit) and I’m pleased to say, I’ve managed to create it from actual beauty prods, rather than face paints. Because you know, ew.

So for the base, you need a really good layer of foundation. I’m using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse because it’s a) cheap and b) heavy enough to hold the colour onto it. Go as pale as you can. In my case, this just means use your regular shade. On top of the foundation, I’m using BeneFit’s Snow Job powder eyeshadow which is a lovely icy blue, perfect for that ‘dead for three weeks’ look. Takes all the pink out of your complexion. Then, I’m shading under the cheekbones with Estee Lauder Silver Ball to really create a hollow look. Ironically, this makes my cheekbones look amazing which is an unexpected bonus.

Once you’ve got the complexion right, move on to the eyes. The key here is layers, you don’t want to be popping off to the loo to top up every five minutes, do you? I’m starting with a base of Urban Decay Primer Potion to keep everything solid and then going all over the lid, into the crease and all around the lower lashline and inner rim with Stila Smudge Pot in Black. This should give everything else something to cling to and if everything else melts away, experience tells me this baby will hang around.

On top of the smudge pot, I’m going with MAC’s Knight Divine or Carbon eyeshadow for the upper lid. Blend, blend, blend, taking sold colour up into a stylised wing above the crease and then blending some more out up to the eyebrow. Go as far out as you dare – this is a real chance to be theatrical! There are some brilliant matte blacks out there that would work if you’re investing just for this look and don’t want to splash out on MAC. Ruby & Millie and GOSH both do pretty good versions.

For the under eye, follow the line of the Smudge Pot with a navy blue. I like the two blues in my the Stila Agate palette for this but again, Gosh and Ruby & Millie do great alternatives. Take it low so it looks like you’ve got SERIOUS dark circles but stop before you hit your cheek. You want the eyes to look deep with major hollow so again, blending here is key – I don’t want to see ANY HARSH LINES!

Once the blue and black are all completely blended together, slick on a couple of layers of mascara, I favour Prescriptives False Lash and then add false eyelashes. You’re a hot zombie after all… Once the eyelashes are set, layer on the kohl (I’m going Bad Gal or Urban Decay Zero – I’m not sure yet) all along the inner and outer rims to cover the line of the lash band and define the lower lid. Ta da!

I’m keeping my lips bare with balm and just taking the Snow Job over them to take out the colour but then I’m also wearing a Jessica Simpson wig so I’m not advising you all do as I do.
No, really.

Also, I should mention that none of these prods are designed to make you look gross and when used correctly, they can be all kinds of pretty, especially Silver Ball and Dark Knight which can be combined for the sexiest of smokey eyes.
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