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Beauty-Full Christmas: Bobbi Brown


Beauty-Full Christmas: Bobbi Brown

Ta-da! It’s the beginning of our annual Christmas gift extravaganza!
And who better to start with than yourself? I mean, there are hard times ahead people – if you can’t treat yourself to a little something to get you through a bleak, freezing winter, then what can you do? Well, you could get a sugar daddy to get it for you but that requires effort and friends, I an very lazy…

So limber up the credit card, I’m hitting the Bobbi Brown counter.

First things first, I am obsessed with the new Copper Diamond collection (more on the individual make up items next week when they release on counters) and so will be bagging the Beauty Kit posthaste. Okay,yes it’s £65 but have you seen how beautiful it is?

And since I’m being so organised, limited edition Lip and Eye palette will make the perfect stocking filler.
It includes:
Mauve Creamy Lip Colour
Pink Sequin Creamy Lip Colour

Exclusive Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Colour

New, Exclusive Ruby Creamy Lip Colour

Champagne Quartz Metallic Eye Shadow

Gold Dust Metallic Eye Shadow

New, Exclusive Golden Bronze Metallic Eye Shadow

New, Exclusive Galaxy Metallic Eye Shadow

And it’s all double tiered with a little drawer! Yes, I am entirely swayed by packaging.
Sigh. I want.
Get it at Bobbi Brownhttp://0

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