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Prescriptives LipShine


Prescriptives LipShine

All hail the latest thing of wonder from Prescriptives.
Their new LipShines have finally cracked it – I am off gloss.

No really, something very strange has happened to me since my birthday, I’m wearing high heels all day, I’m drinking white wine spritzers, I don’t drop my bag and launch tampons all over Hammersmith when I get off the bus… I’m not saying my transition into lady-dom is entirely down to this lipstick but there’s a clear connection.

Anyway, onto the actual real life reasons why you should buy it:
1. The sheer colours are gorgeous and really buildable. I’m obsessed with Strawberry Twist which just gives a healthy lip coloured tint on first application but after a couple of coats, it gives a gorgeous deep berry red which really pops.
2. The formula contains antioxidants, vitamin C and E and feels like you’ve just applied a particularly lovely lip balm. Gorgeous.
3. The packaging is awesome. Fact.

Seriously, Prescriptives is totally in the running for My Favourite Brand this year. As if my Custom Colour foundation wasn’t fabulous enough, I can’t believe a lipstick now exists that has got me off my gloss addiction.
Someone get one for Amy Winehouse, these things are miracle workers.http://0

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