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Is anyone else actually having to physically throw themselves out of bed in the morning at the moment? I don’t know what is wrong with me but honestly, I feel like getting up is literally the cruelest joke on Earth right now. Aside from Claudia Winkleman’s washed out lipstick*.

And while this may not seem like a 100% Beauty oriented post, if I don’t get up in the morning, the first thing to be sacrificed is washing my hair (not pretty) and the second is eye make up (and since I only just got up, they already look like piss holes in the snow) and so you see how my not being knackered all the time directly affects my beauty regime…

But praise be, someone somewhere likes me and has introduced me to the wonder of Pharmaton capsules. I’m really rubbish at taking supplements and vitamins but between Antistax and Bassets chewable vitamin C, I was getting much better and now I’m a total convert. Alongside a combo of vitamins and minerals, Pharmaton has a ginseng extract to stave off fatigue and let’s face it, who doesn’t need that at the moment? Because, if we’re honest, the inability to get out of bed may or may not be linked to the inability to get into it at a decent hour and as we roll up to Christmas, that’s hardly about to get any better…

If you want to know more about Pharmaton and their fancy schmancy ginseng, hit the Pharmaton website. It is pretty and orange like the dress I am wearing today. FYI.
If you want to buy some Pharmaton capsules online, try ExpressChemist.
If you want to know more about my inability to get get to bed on time, Facebook me and enjoy the hilarious downward spiral of my life in pictures.

*Come on Claudia, you’re so pretty and my friend Steven really fancies you but just once I’d love to see you with maybe a pretty pink lip or even a dramatic red – it would REALLY suit you.http://0

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