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MyFace Cosmetics


MyFace Cosmetics

Now, I know I get excited easily but this time it’s for real.
Behold the most exciting new cosmetics range in forever… MyFace.

Exclusive to Boots, the new range has been put together by some very clever people, including super famous and super fabulous make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury (also annoyingly super beautiful. Grrr.) who had made it ridiculously easy for absolutely anyone in the whole wide world to buy really rather wonderful make up without making any mistakes. It’s practically as though Charlotte is making you over every day. Wowsers.

It goes like this – you work out what your skintone is, fair, medium or dark and then select products to match. Really, it’s that easy. The products for each skintone are packaged in different colours – white for light, silver for medium and a dark pewter for dark. Very sexy.

What’s spectacular about the range is how great the formulations are. The MyMix foundations (I’m light 1) are easily a match for my beloved Prescriptives Custom Blend and the Blingtone eyeshadows are literally amazing. I have not been without mine since I blagged it at the launch. I can’t express the joy at the sparkle in these things – it’s genuine grown up glam, not little girl glitter. I challenge you to go into Boots, stick your finger in one of these bad boys and come away without buying it.

Below are some of the sickeningly gorgeous models wearing the wonderful slap (yeah, get over it, I actually had to stand near them).

What I don’t have is a picture of me after being made over with MyFace. This is for the best because you would cry at how heartbreakingly beautiful* I looked.
It’s that good.

*Well, at least the hot boy in the office** was moderately impressed at the time.
**He has since left the country.http://0

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