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Beauty-Full Christmas: Bliss Spa


Beauty-Full Christmas: Bliss Spa

Sigh. Today was supposed to be best friends presents but shockingly, I’m really rather keen on getting my dirty mitts on these myself. Behold, the Holiday collection from Bliss Spa.

I think we all know that there’s nowhere else in the whole world I’d rather be than New York City and once safely in New York City, there are few places I’d rather be than on a massage table in Bliss Spa on Broadway. Preferably because I’ve had a very stressful morning mincing around MoMA with hot boys and then shopping myself silly at Bloomingdales and Bergdorfs.

Since the silly immigration people aren’t falling over themselves to let me in the country permanently, I am forced to resort to the Bliss Holiday collection which, thankfully, is fabulous.

All the gift sets are New York themed – from The Big Orange (instead of apple, geddit?) which includes their new Blood Orange and White Pepper scented prods, Scent-tral Park – a collection of three luxe travel-sized body butters (including my Lemon+Sage obsession) and my personal favourite, The Sock-ettes and I Glove New York, this year’s softening sock and glamour glove offering.
Did I mention I have a book out next year called I Heart New York? I did? Oh. Okay.

As friend to many (hint) I would be very happy to receive any of these sets (hint hint), but if I was buying for my BFF, I’d probably go for the skincare set, The Youth Group, an introduction to Bliss’ really rather fabulous Youth as We Know It range, all tied up in a pretty pink and blue travel bag. For thirty-five knicker, it’s a really, really nice gift.

But if you really loved me, I mean, your friend, you’d throw in some Lemon+Sage goodness too.
It is divine.

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