Durex Play O

So on occasion, I get sent some pretty random things to review for BeautyMecca that have, at best, a tenuous link to the world of beautification (Fun Betty the hair colour for ladies’ mimsy fur, I am talking about you) but I think we have a winner.

Play O is a new lubricant from Durex that is designed to, well, you can imagine what it’s designed to do. Apparently, 79% of British women achieved orgasm by using the Play O product but tragically, all it did for me was remind me that I am not getting any…
But my own personal hell aside, we all know that good sex leads to a good complexion (fact) and the need for less blusher. Which would actually be great because right now because I’m almost all out of my Bobbi Brown Blue Raspberry limited edition from last year.
Anyone want to volunteer? 79% are odds I like.

From a BeautyMecca perspective, the bottle is quite cute* and so wouldn’t scare people if you forgot to hide it in your secret drawer**

Check out the O Room here
The things I do for this blog. Honestly. My mother reads this…

*(e.g. not a great big blue tube with KY written all over it…)
** (it’s not so secret, we alllllllll know about it)

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