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B Never Too Busy… B Bar


B Never Too Busy… B Bar

I’m not a religious person. If you asked me to take you to my church, we would probably pop by Selfridges and worship at the altar of Marc by Marc Jacobs but right now, I believe there is someone looking after me. How else would B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful’s B Bar have come into existence?

Okay, I can see you’re doubtful. It’s just a make up shop, right? WRONG. It is oh so much more. Besides the glory of a shop full of B goodness, once inside this beauty you can get a COCKTAIL and a MAKE-OVER inside thirty minutes. Yes. A COCKTAIL and a MAKE-OVER. So whether you’re post-work and pre-date, panicking about looking amazing at the work Christmas party or just shopped out, you can relax with a lovely Flirtini while one of B’s top make up artists gives you killer smokey eyes. There are a selection of looks to choose from or you can just ask for what you fancy, I LURVE Fifth Avenue, a sexy Burlesque look but if you want to pretend you always look this good, you could go for the more natural First Date. Just go easy on the Flirtinis. There’s even an option for boys, just in case you were foolish enough to take one along with you.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a concept since the Starbucks toffeenut hot chocolate. Happily for me, this world of wonder is ridiculously close to my church, on Oxford Street, making it ideal for a post-work, pre-worship stop off.

While you’re in store, don’t forget to try out the perfumes – also gorgeous. I’m having a love affair with Superworld Unknown at the moment. It’s very pretty and I like it lots. I can’t really explain it though… the lovely people at B reckon it smells like this though.

The smell of candy floss, sherbert fountains, toffee apples and the seaside, yet sophisticated… escapist perfumery really. Clever use of cocoa and vanilla absolute with cassia makes this fragrance really edible without having a single character that you can be labelled with. And a new blend of juniper berry adds a breath of Norwegian fresh air and walking in the hills in summer, a new material made from tonka beans to provide a hint of reassurance. Petigrain and bitter orange mixed with lime, lemon and bergamot create a dizzy fairground ride of top notes. All bouqueted with rose absolute and ylang ylang.

Check out the B website for more info

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