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Beauty-Full Christmas: Creme de la Mer


Beauty-Full Christmas: Creme de la Mer

I’m so over the credit crunch. Honestly, I don’t want to hear another peep about it.
Unless it encourages people to put more shoes on sale.

With that in mind, today’s Christmas gift giving extravaganza is unashamedly luxe – if you can’t get Creme de la Mer at Christmas with a clear conscience, when can you?

So your two options are: The Luxury Essentials at £455 or The Connoisseur Collection at £280.
The Luxury Essentials is perfect if you’re a Creme first timer. It contains the Moisturiser, the Eye Concentrate and Face Lifting serum, all packaged up in a very pretty box. The Connoisseur Collection is lighter on prods and the pocket, with the Moisturiser and Eye Concentrate. I’ m all about eye creams at the moment, can’t help but notice the last few months have not been kind on delicate skin, mew. I’m obsessed with the little silver applicator that comes with the Creme eye concentrate. But then I am a big fan of all shiny things…

For family and friends that are reading, I’ll be out of my Creme lotion in about a month, a month and a half so this is perfect timing!I would be very happy to receive either of the above, FYI.

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