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Beauty-Full Christmas: Origins


Beauty-Full Christmas: Origins

I’m having a terrible time staying away from Westfield shopping centre. Have you SEEN that bad boy? It’s incredible… Sadly, for all its wonder, it isn’t making my Christmas shopping any easier. It’s just making shopping easier. Which is making me poorer.

Anyway, I have some good Christmas shopping ideas for you from lovely Origins.
Who doesn’t love a good candle? No one, that’s who. Everyone loves a candle, FACT, and Origins candles are delicious. I love the Ginger collection which is perfect at Christmas time, as a hostess gift, a stocking filler or as a ‘I really don’t like you that much but it is essential that you see how incredibly tasteful and generous I am’ gift for your mother in law or the girl at work that you hate but want to stick it to.
I know, I know but I’m mean so you don’t have to be.

And even better, there is free standard delivery on all purchases over £45 on at the moment. Merry Christmas everyone!http://0

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