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Mac Makes Me Happy…


Mac Makes Me Happy…

I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love MAC make up.
It’s just not possible.
And the new MAC store in the Westfield centre has just about pushed me over the edge…

With that in mind, I am begging you to go and buy the new Red, She Said collection. It’s gorgeous x one trillion. I’ve always been smokey eyes over slutty lips but I’m trying to branch out (into lips, not sluttiness) and the lovely people at MAC are really helping out. The new Date Night* and Love Alert Dazzle Glass glosses are absolutely beautiful, all pretty punch of colour and no stickiness. Yum.

I’m also trying out the Dubonnet lipstick, a deepened claret cream that looks terrifying in the tube and when you first apply it but gorgeous if you pat it into your lips to create a stain and top with a slick of balm. Very, ‘I’m all bruised from too much kissing’. I’m not though, in case you were wondering. I am, however, open to offers.

*That said, I did wear Date Night on a date recently and apparently, it works because I am all kinds of rubbish at dates and this one was all kinds of lovely. I’m going to try Love Alert next time – does anyone do a gloss called ‘let’s definitely do kissing’??? Could they???http://0

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