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B Kamins Diatomamus Earth Masque


B Kamins Diatomamus Earth Masque

Hands up, who doesn’t love a product that you can’t actually pronounce?

No, diatomamus isn’t a newly discovered kind of dinosaur but in fact a really rather wonderful face masque from B Kamins. I’ve been having a nightmare with my skin lately, seriously, it’s just crappy. Dry, then irritated, then grey, then papery, then irritated again. And all in time for the prime boy kissing party season. Mew. Luckily, I have a great big jar of this bad boy on my bathroom shelf which is perfect for sorting me out on dry and papery front.

Aside from it drying on your skin a bit like the ace Body Shop blue face mask I had as a teenager (What was that called?) and it sounding like a dinosaur, I love this mask because:

a) it helps my skin look smoother and more hydrated.
b) it has diatomaceous earth in it. This sounds like it might be magical.
c) it has Bio-Maple compound and I like Maple Syrup on my pancakes. Therefore, I like this.
I am easily pleased.
You too can be easily pleased at HQhair… You don’t even need to be able to say it if you’re buying online. Brillbags.

I think this might be all kinds of awesome as a post-party pick me up and given the drastic three nighter I’ve just pulled, only to be followed by nights out every night from tomorrow until CHRISTMAS, I think I might need it.http://0

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