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All I want for Christmas…


All I want for Christmas…

Now, it’s come to my attention that it is CHRISTMAS TIME and that possibly, I am not the easiest person in the world to buy for (I don’t believe this is true FYI, I’m a massive, massive fan of stuff and welcome it in all its many guises) and so I thought I’d throw a few last minute suggestions out there. In case you’re anywhere near a department store and feeling generous…

As I might have mentioned, I’d be all over the MAC holiday collections, especially the Little Darlings Pink Lipglass and Lusterglass set. Too pretty and only £18.79 which is practically free. And while you’re on the counter, you might as well get me the Adoring Carmine basic brush set. Pretty.

While you’re hovering around the make up counter, you could pop over to Bobbi Brown and grab me the eye and lip palette that I’ve been lusting after. I’m not normally a one for big palettes, they just take up too much room but I sort of love this one a little bit. Failing that, I’ll take the lipgloss trio. I like Bobbi’s lipglosses anyway but these come in a super cute little purse that I think might just complete my life. Not to overdo it or anything.

That should about do it for pretty things, now how’s about some sweet smelling treats. My beloved Bliss Spa is always a good go-to location for presents. Who wouldn’t be delighted to open up a Youth as We Know It gift set? Or some delicious Lemon+Sage goodies? I’m almost all out of body scrub. Just so you know. Just so you know.

And if you just so happen to be in the states between now and Thursday (you don’t know, do you?) I’m almost all out of my Harajuku Lovers perfumes. I’ll just buy the mini bottles, she says, fingering the full sizes in Sephora. When do I ever use a full bottle of perfume? And besides, they’re so pretty! Well, colour me stupid because I’ve been obsesso girl with these bad boys since I picked them up in October and now I need a new G and Music and quite frankly, all the others because they’re so damn pretty.

Okay, so I’m not going to be about too much over Christmas – there is a lot of drinking, eating, boy kissing, sleeping and cat-staring-out contests to contend with as well as a small matter of a second book to finish. I hope you won’t hold it against me and of course if I hear about any amazing sales or prods, I’ll be online in a heartbeat.

Merry Christmas!
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