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Happy New Year part 2


Happy New Year part 2

Okay, after today, 2008 is dead to me and we shall only look onwards and upwards – deal?
So here are the other products that quite frankly rocked my world in 2008.

For the face:
I’d have been buggered without my Dr Bragi serum, seriously, it’s amazing and even when my skin is acting up in the WORST way, it calms it down and leaves it super soft. Invest, invest invest.
Estee Lauder’s miracle brown bottle, Advanced Night Repair. This has genuinely, actually, honestly got rid of the fine dryness lines on my forehead. Fact. I am now slavishly devoted to this every evening (Dr Bragi I wear in the day) and am already more than a little hooked on the eye cream and concentrate.
Creme de la Mer. I don’t want to be addicted to it, really I don’t but I just can’t seem to kick the habit… My skin gets awfully upset and refuses to play nicely when I don’t use it. Curse you magical marine extracts!! (shakes fist at sky).
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and Exfoliator. The first cleansing regime I’ve been faithful to for more than three repeat purchases. Read into that what you will…

For the body:
As mad as it sounds, given the ridiculous amounts of cashola I’ve splashed on the above, my absolute favourite body product of the year has been Spa Paradisa‘s Renew body butter which I have picked up in bulk from It basically smells absolutely edible and everyone from my mother, my colleagues, my friends, many potential kissing partners (well, two) and my cat have been keen.
Other than that, the Dr Bragi face and body salvation mist is amazing at intensive skin softening when you don’t have heaps of time or don’t want to smell like a walking coconut shy (weirdo).
I can’t begin to choose a favourite shower product, so obsessed am I with scrubs, gels and the like although special props to Elemis for the Monoi Oil shower gel and Origins for their Jump Start scrub. Yummy.

For the hair:
It’s been a big hair year since I went brunette (clearly the most important thing that ever happened in 2008 to anyone) and I’ve been delicately protecting my new colour with the amazing Paul Lebrecque Repair shampoo and conditioners. I LOVE these. For styling products, I’m staying true to my beloved Lee Stafford but have been mixing it up a bit, moving on from spray wax and shine spray to the dehumidifier and wonder web. All for making hair shiny and well behaved or messy and sexy. Love it.

Sigh. It’s all about the new Harajuku lovers scents for me. They aren’t available here until February but they’re incredible. I don’t know if I’ll be gutted or delighted when I sniff one flounce by me in the street. Probably sad, I’m very vain.

Phew. I could honestly go on for another six years about all the amazing products I trialled last year (Zoya nail polishes, Elemis masques, Trilogy Everything Balm, Origins Out of Trouble masque) but these are the ones that have made it into my daily routine and have, in many cases, made me reach into my dusty, empty pocket to turn out every last penny.

I am so excited about 2009, it’s such a big, exciting year for BeautyMecca and for me. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve got a book out in July (cough, more info to come, cough) and the publishers are really pimping BeautyMecca so the odds are it’ll turn out well for you as I’ll have to pull my finger out and really put in some decent posts.
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