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New Year, New Hair – Ojon


New Year, New Hair – Ojon

People, I have some important news.
It’s probably fair to say that BeautyMecca hasn’t paid enough attention to the world of haircare as it could this is mainly because:

a) I love my stylist, haircut and colour more than anything else about me and because they are entirely stress free, I don’t get as involved in hair stuff as I could.
b) I have been so very happy with my Paul Lebrecque/Fekkai shampoos and conditioners that there really was no point in looking elsewhere.
c) Lee Stafford styling products are awesome, inexpensive and pretty, so why get involved in anything else?

This was all well and good until I was sent a new range to try.
And it was awesome.
Ladies and (gay) gentlemen, prepare yourself for Ojon…

Some of you might have heard of this miracle stuff before, it’s been knocking around on QVC for ages and you can pick it up in Sephora in the US, but now it’s available on the high street here and MAN ALIVE you need to get involved with it.

For the last month or so, I’ve been using the Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, along with weekly applications of the Restorative Hair Treatment combined with the Styling Cream and Daily Intensive Shine Treatment. And I swear down, my hair has never looked shinier, felt softer or been thicker, more manageable or quite frankly, so damn pretty. My colour looks better, it doesn’t need washing so often and the style just stays, entirely frizz free, even in this ridiculous weather. Doesn’t that sound good?

All the products contain Ojon palm nut oil, which is farmed by the people of the Tawira Indian Tribe (better known to me and that man that flogs it on QVC as ‘the people of beautiful hair’) and then turned into these amazing products using, I don’t know, science probably. And some magic. Possibly someone sold their soul to the devil, I DON’T CARE.

Honestly, if you only get involved in one thing from BeautyMecca this month, no, this YEAR* please, please, please invest in Ojon. Hand on heart, you will not regret it.
It’s available at John Lewis and Liberty online, go, go now!

*it is only January, I totally reserve the right to amend and update this BUT bugger me, this Ojon stuff is bloody amazing.http://0

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