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The Great Kiss Off 2009


The Great Kiss Off 2009

Hey hey!
Are you snowed in? We have been languishing in BeautyMecca towers, alphabetising lipglosses (almost) all day… Fun!

But luckily, the snow did not interfere with my crazy weekend, the highlight of which was of course the beginning of The Great Kiss Off 2009 (check us out on Facebook!). Since I’m blogging from a BlackBerry, I can’t post pics so I’m not going to give you a full review today, just lay down the ground rules.

My team of testers will be trying out lipsticks, balms and glosses between now and Valentine’s day, rating everything from the packaging, the colour in the tube and on the lip, the texture, longevity and most importantly, kissability.

As an ‘eyes’ girl, this is a big thing for me. Seriously, it’s not easy going out on a Saturday night in east London and kissing boys in solid fuschia lipstick when you’ve spent every Saturday prior in neutral gloss not kissing many boys at all. I didn’t say it wasn’t fun though.
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