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The Great Kiss Off 2009: Mac Creamsheen in Lickable


The Great Kiss Off 2009: Mac Creamsheen in Lickable

Well, start as I mean to go on…
I figured I’d throw myself in at the deep end and go for it. Bear in mind I’m REALLY not a fuchsia pink girl and so this bad boy was quite a departure for me. And I can confirm that it was fun.

So, here’s the official review:
1. The packaging. It’s Mac. There is no bad here.
2. The colour. It terrified me. Solid. Clean. Fuchsia. Pink. But it’s beautiful.
3. Application. I used a lip brush since it’s such a bold colour and literally applied coat after coat (for about four American Idol auditions) to get a real immovable stain. Which worked a treat. Even when I had a crisis of confidence at the train station and tried to rub it off. It went NOWHERE.
4. How does it feel? It felt very, very lovely. Creamy but not greasy.
5. Longevity. Had to properly properly take it off with the old Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Yay.
6. Kissing test. I can confirm that it performed well under kissing pressure albeit nothing overly dirty or up against a wall. Ahem. But it really didn’t budge which is a bloody good thing because you can’t go round tempting boys in with sexy pink lips and then leaving it all over their face. Well, you can but you might not get another go on them and that’s pointless, isn’t it?

Overall, if you’re brave enough to do it, I say go for it. It’s SO not for shy girls and it might scare off the kind of boys that don’t like sequinned hot pants or Girls Aloud but really, if it does, it’s doing you a kindness…
I’m going to go crazy and start high – 9/10http://0

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