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The Great Kiss Off: Smashbox O-Gloss


The Great Kiss Off: Smashbox O-Gloss

Hurrah! We have our first non-me review!
Just as well, I was beginning to worry about over-exfoliation from stubble burn.

The really rather wonderful Miss Annette Hobbs of New York City gives us this review of Smashbox’s fabulous O-Gloss…

1. Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss with Goji Berry-C Complex (whatever that means…)

2. The packaging is hot pink (my favorite color) and the tube is a pretty standard issue gloss tube—easy to keep in your teeny, tiny clutch, or your tightest jeans pocket.

3. The gloss is completely clear. But, once applied and on your lips for a few minutes, it reacts with your natural chemistry and transforms from clear to your own custom shade of pink! Like MOOD lip gloss…

4. Very easy to apply, it slicks right on and you never need a mirror since it’s clear.

5. It feels glossy and does not get sticky, which is usually what turns me off from glosses.

6. The gloss lasts all day long and so does the color (which I should mention is a subtle pink, at least on me, so it goes with pretty much any make up I’m wearing). I reapply once before going out to freshen up the gloss factor.

7. Withstands substantial kissing pressure! Well, at least the color does. If you want that glossy look after a smooch fest, you’ll need to reapply. But your custom pink stays on your lips.

My beau bought this for me! How sweet of him. I wanted to test it out on his lips to see what his custom shade of pink was (I thought learning his shade of pink would reveal his “true” colors, and I would learn so much about him…), but he chickened out and wouldn’t let me put it on him. Later in the day, I slathered it on my own lips and tricked him into a round of kissy face (like it was really that difficult). Would you believe his lips responded to the Goji Berry-C Complex just the way mine had? We’re identical shades of pink! I think it’s a match made in lip-gloss heaven!

Sounds fabulous (much like the actual boyfriend – he bought you lip gloss?), I feel a purchase coming on.

There was mucho testing activity over the weekend according to my guinea pigs so prepare to part with your pennies before Saturday!


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