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I Heart Me: Valentine’s Extravaganza


I Heart Me: Valentine’s Extravaganza

Now, as The Great Kiss Off may suggest, I’m not giving up on all of boykind but I have decided not to put my Valentine’s faith in them this year (well, not in one in particular, it just didn’t seem fair) and so I’ve declined all boy-related activity and am instead rocking it with my ladies and Lovefoxx from CSS. Lovefoxx doesn’t know we’re spending the evening together yet but I think it will be a lovely surprise for her…

Anyway, I’m so not a hearts and flowers girl at the best of times and so I will be treating myself to some of these Valentine’s beauties tomorrow.

This isn’t strictly all BeautyMecca, all the time but I’m so heading to the Annick Goutal boutique for one of these beautiful bracelets – don’t you just love?

And to make sure my hair is super soft and all kinds of touchable, I’ll be basting it in ESPA’s Pink hair and scalp mud. Because pink is relevant, right?

While the deep conditioner is doing it’s thing, I’ll be singing Let’s Get It On and lighting this gorgeous SPC candle. It smells divine and quite frankly, could give an impotent panda the horn, so it’s tres appropriate.

Finally, I’ll be layering on some stunning slap. Lovefoxx deserves only the best so she’ll be getting the perfect pout thanks to Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix lipbalm.

And there will be super sparkly eyes from Bobbi Brown and Clinique liner in Blackened Pewter for definition. I’m thinking the Clinique Lash Power mascara to finish it all off, there is no better mascara to last the night. And still be there the next morning…


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