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The Great Kiss Off: Mac Lipstick in St Germain


The Great Kiss Off: Mac Lipstick in St Germain

I know we’re testing a lot of Mac for the Kiss Off but well, Mac sent us a lot to test. It’s that simple really… The only problem is that I don’t have a pic of this bad boy so you’ll just have to check it out here.
Today’s tester is friend of BeautyMecca, Mis Emelie Frid of Londinium, who has put Mac’s St Germain lipstick through its paces.

1. What did you test for us Miss Frid?
Amplified Crème Lipstick in Saint Germain.

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
It is *so* luverly! Sleek and streamlined and minimal (though the BF commented that it looked like a futuristic Tampax – this however did nothing to alleviate my gormless gushing).

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube
Well, it’s incredibly pink. Hurt Your Eyes Neon Pink in fact, circa 1985. With my red hair and pale skin I thought it would be a colour clash disaster at a rare scale, but somehow… it worked. Don’t ask me how. It must be the magic of MAC. I need to buy more of their stuff, that much is clear.

4. How easy was it to apply?
Very easy, even for me who rarely wears lipstick. It just went on, nice and even. No troubles.

5. How does it feel on?
Nice! The main reason I don’t wear lipstick – aside from a tendency to look like I’m playing grown up with mummy’s make-up box – is that I find it dries out my lips. Not so here – lips remained moist and in tip-top condition, and I barely noticed I was wearing it.

6. How long did it last?
All evening, through below described conditions. Très impressive.

7. Important stuff. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
There were some eventual colour transfer from me to him (looked very fetching), but I attribute this to the prevalence of some *very* stubbly stubble. Other than that, it held up admirably – through far too many drinks, a long walk through the rain and several courses of noodle based cuisine, all of which was interspersed with some very enthusiastic snogging. All in all I think it performed very well indeed!

I have to say, I’m super impressed with all the lippies we’ve been testing. There hasn’t been a single bad review so far. Lipstick has always been a bit of a turn off for me, gloss being the preferred option, mainly because I’m scared of smudging, strong colour and general lipstick mankiness. But be afraid no more ladies! Lipsticks have changed! They are the future! Especially, it would seem, Mac!http://0

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