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The Great Kiss Off: Estee Lauder Caramel


The Great Kiss Off: Estee Lauder Caramel

You have all been so busy… It pleases me no end that I’ve made BeautyMecca’s friends into a big bunch of kiss sluts. Go us!
Today’s tester is Miss Kathryn Hays of Edinburgh.
Who is in no way a kiss slut or any other kind of slut.
Well, she’s a bit easy when it comes to shoes and handbags.
I hear.

1. Which lipgloss did you test for us miss?
Estee Lauder Caramel A38

2. How did you feel about the packaging?
Classic Estee Lauder packaging, which I think is simple and elegant

3. How about the colour in the tube?
The colour was probably a little too brown for me but aesthetically the way the gloss colour is striped throughout the tube looks very striking and is a nice aesthetic touch, I think it would make a great gift as it is very eye-catching.

4. How easy was it to apply?
Very easy, the sponge applicator is simple and effective, no muss, no fuss.

5. How does it feel on?
Lovely, it’s not too gloopy or sticky and smells and tastes lovely.

6. How long did it last?
Well, for a gloss, I’m more of a lipstick gal and it didn’t hold up as well as a lipstick would, but nonetheless had good staying power, although I may have reapplied more than was strictly necessary purely because it tastes and smells so nice!

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Pretty well, though again, not as well a lipstick would have, but it had the advantages of tasting nice and being a subtle enough colour that there was no embarrassing smudging post-kissage! So all in all, I would thoroughly recommend this!

I do love me a bit of Estee Lauder. I am the first to put my hands up and say it isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when I’m make up shopping, maybe it’s my natural aversion to gold or the fact that my grandmother uses the brand but I always sort of felt like ‘it wasn’t for me’ but oh my was I wrong. The textures and formulations of Lauder are always gorgeous and long-lasting and quite frankly, I would be passing for that nana of mine right now if it weren’t for Advanced Night Repair…http://0

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