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I Heart Me: Etsy


I Heart Me: Etsy

I’m having a bit of a slightly insane week, you’ll be pleased to know, and as such, boy kissing has taken something of a backseat for now. Don’t panic, The Great Kiss Off 2009 will be back to full strength very soon but until I’ve sorted out my kerfuffled brain, I’m trying to preoccupy myself with pretty things that take no time or effort on my part. Pretty things like these AWESOME necklaces from TrashyDeluxe on Etsy.

Are you a pretty lady?

Or Easy?

Or (snigger) just a big Slutbag?

I really can’t choose, they’re all too awesome but so far I’ve ordered Classy and Easy in sterling silver. one way or another we’re getting this kissing thing back on the road, right?

Check out the TrashyDeluxe website here for more inspiration or email the lovely, lovely people to get a custom made piece. Seriously, I dares you to get a super dirty word and wear it for work.
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