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The Great Kiss Off: Benefit The Gloss


The Great Kiss Off: Benefit The Gloss

So, I felt bad about leaving the gloss testing to so many others while I was sick and as such, I took it upon myself to put one of our latest entrants through its paces at the weekend. The things I do for you…

1. Which lip gloss did you test for us miss?
BeneFit The Gloss in Streakin’

2. How did you feel about the packaging?
It’s not as fancy schmancy as some glosses but it fits neatly inside a wee handbag and I like the applicator.

3. How about the colour in the tube?
The pretty nude pink shade balanced my silvery smokey eyes to perfection, giving my lips just enough colour and sheen to carry it all off.

4. How easy was it to apply?
Super easy, the applicator isn’t too long and so it’s easy to reapply on public transport/in a cold queue whilst wearing high heels/on the dance floor when you really shouldn’t be reapplying lip gloss.

5. How does it feel on?
Silky, satiny and generally lovely. Have to say though, I don’t love the scent and smell of BeneFit’s glosses at the moment. They’re not bad, they’re just not as edible as many of the other glosses out there at the moment.

6. How long did it last?
Well, it is a gloss and so it really isn’t a long-lasting option but well done BeneFit, this wasn’t bad at all. I applied before going out, topped up after dinner, again after a few cocktails and then post-cocktails, who knows? I have a terrible habit of going through half a tube when I’ve had a couple. There is never enough gloss once I’ve had a drink… This inability to judge is why I don’t take Juicy Tubes out with me. All. Over. My Face.

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Sigh, while the gloss wasn’t extravagantly tested lip-on-lip, it did lots of air kissing and smooched up to one to many champagne flutes so I’m prepared to say it was okay. Plus, I’m not being funny, I looked all kinds of pretty in it and so I think it would have done a much better job had a large portion of the night not been spent debating whether or not I was a fire hazard* with a bouncer in a queue.

I do love BeneFit and while this might not be as awesome as the Her Glossiness options, it was really beautiful and shockingly for a gloss these days, not at all sparkly which made a nice change actually. I will certainly be Streakin’ again soon.

*Apparently, had I been allowed in, I would have been a fire hazard but only because it was very, very full, not in a sexy ‘you’re so hot you’re smoking’ way. Whatevs, Mr Doorman, whatevs.http://0

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