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The Great Kiss Off: Mac Shy Girl


The Great Kiss Off: Mac Shy Girl

I know it’s two posts in one day, you lucky, lucky people but I’ve got a barrage of Kiss Off tests coming in and bloody hell, it’s almost March already.

The lovely Miss Jenny Jacoby from Londinium has not adhered to the approved structure of review but she’s awfully good and so I’m just posting as is.

MAC Cremesheen ‘Shy Girl’

Valentine’s evening is traditionally heady with the scents and sounds of young lovers getting ready for their dates; all that straightening, smoothing, pouting and preening like so much animal rutting. But like Lisa Houseman on the eve of her ill-fated date with Robbie, there’s only one cry echoing in my house on this internationally-recognised night of romance.

“Where is my beige, iridescent lipstick??”

Oh, here it is. It’s MAC Cremesheen ‘Shy Girl’.

Perfectly shaped for a fruity Valentines Day, it comes in a love-weapon zeppelin that reminds me of something to do with doing it with boys. Actually, make that more like something to do with doing it solo.

Unsheathing it and giving a gentle screw, I’m greeted by a pinky-beige protrusion – certainly an attractive colour but one more reminiscent of Dirty Dancing-era dates than a vixen colour that would encourage actual dirty dancing.

But what of its kissability? It applies so easily I thought it might slip off just as easily, but it seemed to stay put. Its only downside has to be that it is such a light hue that you could hardly notice it decorating my boyfriend’s cheek. Shame.

*editor’s note: snigger.

On the plus side, it’s awful pretty and another perfect choice to balance out smokey eyes so go for it if you’re looking for a subtle pout. If you’re more harlot than Shy Girl, you could try ‘Lickable’ the Cremesheen hot pink shade that I tried out back at the beginning of the month.


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