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The Great Kiss Off: MAC Cremesheen Lipglass


The Great Kiss Off: MAC Cremesheen Lipglass

Well, someone has been busy. Here is the second Kiss Off review from Miss Lisa Clark…
And basically, I’m so freaking jealous.

1. What did you test for us miss?
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Petite Indulgence

2. How do you feel about the packaging?
Hello? It’s MAC. It’s freakin’ bee-you-tiful.

3. And how you feel about the colour in the tube?
It’s quite possibly the most perfect shade of pink I ever did see in the tube, although as my lips have quite a bit of red in them, it didn’t look quite as perfectly pink on my lips. That’s the fault of my parental genes and NOT the fault of MAC.

4. How easy was it to apply?
It’s easy-glide loveliness!

5. How does it feel on?
It’s really conditioning and isn’t one of those stick-your-lips-together glosses – my pout was deffo up for a li’l smooch time.

6. How long did it last?
Well, pre-kissing, my lips were still pink and pouty after two glasses of pink fizz, half a pizza and a shared cheesecake, which I think is pretty incredz.

7. How does it perform under kissing pressure?
Not so well, but it is a gloss and the idea of gloss is to make your lips look kissable right? So it deffo did the job, it got the smooch. Result.

8. And any other exciting kissing related stories DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE LIPSTICK YOU TESTED (not just general sluttiness, I really don’t want to know, or at least, not until we’ve had a glass of wine) are much appreciated.
My date – a super hot Egyptian guy – followed up the smooch with roses. 20 of them. MAC – you rule.

Honestly, I’m a seething, bubbling ball of jealousy. Why didn’t I keep this one? Why? Why? I’m going to have to go and buy this one now.
As in right now.


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