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Happy Mother’s Day: Evolence


Happy Mother’s Day: Evolence

Now I would like to preface this with a disclaimer – I am not suggesting at any point that Mummy BeautyMecca needs any ‘work done’. On the contrary, if anyone was going to looking for a quick fix right now, it’s me. You should have SEEN the state of me yesterday…

But anyway, apparently 90% of mums asked told the lovely people at Evolence that they would rather have fewer wrinkles for mother’s day this year than chocolates or fragrance. Coincidentally, Evolence offer a terribly exciting collagen-based dermal filler (but all natural so no nasties will be floating around in your face) that treats harsh smile lines, while Evolence Breeze looks after the fine lines around your lips. And hurrah hurrah, they both last up to twelve months so no need for lots of time of work/nasty injections… And it only takes twenty minutes. I would have happily given up twenty minutes yesterday to look human.

Behold… here is lady pre-treatment:
Nice lip colour.

And after twelve hours:

And after twelve months:

Tis magic, non?

Check out the website here for more information.http://0

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