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Happy Mother’s Day: Steam Cream


Happy Mother’s Day: Steam Cream

Okay, I’m a little calmer today and at least half packed. What’s not so great is that my skin is, for the first time in weeks, what can only be described as ‘calm’. The day before I put it through an eight hour flight and five straight days with my family. I can only hope and pray that the magic New York water will work a miracle and sort me out.

Alternatively, I could dip into one of the really rather wonderful pots of Steam Cream that are currently sat on my desk. I don’t know if you’ve heard about these bad boys yet but they are both extraordinarily beautiful and (yay!) extraordinarily effective. I’ve been using one as hand cream due to my excessive love of lavender (one of the main ingredients in Steam Cream) but when my skin was all kinds of upset, I did try it on my face and it went on smoothly, sank in immediately and left me soft and glowing. The name comes from the pioneering method the manufacturers have used to bind the ingredients using – you’ve guessed it – steam! So the orange flower water, lavender oil and oatmeal infusion are able to breakdown into you skin more easily.

And did I mention the tins are nice?

I’ve pegged it as a definite option for Mother’s Day. The tins are so ridiculously pretty and who doesn’t love a good moisturiser? Mummy BeautyMecca has really sensitive skin so she’ll be beside herself with joy if this works for her.

Have a peepo at or pick up a pot at Liberty.http://0

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