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Happy Mother’s Day! Vital Restore


Happy Mother’s Day! Vital Restore

So I imagine a lot of you are off out Mother’s Day shopping on the weekend? You do know it’s on the 22nd right? Phew. I already ordered flowers, yay me.

But if you’re looking for something faintly more long-lasting (but not nearly as surgical as my previous suggestion) you could treat ma to Garnier’s new Vital Restore range.
It’s aimed at women over 50 and contains orchid extract (so you’re kind of giving her flowers) and soy bio-proteins (flowers and soy, what’s not to love?) and aside from having pretty packaging, it’s actually really lovely.

Clearly, I’m not over fifty and clearly I forgot to give it to Mummy BeautyMecca to try before we went to New York but I’ve had a play and the textures are to die for and quite frankly, fifty or not, my under eye area needs some tender loving care so I’m all for pimping this out to any and everyone.

It’s a really simple regime to get your ma into, it’s not too pricey and it’s widely available.
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