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Eye Eye: Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Palette


Eye Eye: Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Palette

Now, I know I’m a little bit late to the table with this one but trust me, there’s been a plan.
Given the success of The Great Kiss Off 2009 (which hasn’t actually ended, I still have reviews coming in and I – I mean – we’re still working hard at ‘testing’), I decided to try a new experiment.

I’ve been in a bit of an eyeshadow rut recently, ever since I discovered the awesomeness of my dark brown hair back in October and the hilarious levels of eye make-up it requires to keep me looking human, I’ve been rocking Stila eyeshadow in Cloud teamed with MAC’s Prune pencil smudged into my upper and lower lash line more or less every bleeding day. Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome but I want to get out of my box a little bit. Seriously, I have hundreds of eye colours and it’s time they had a chance. So today will be my last day in Cloud and Prune for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Every day, I will be busting out a new shade, a new colour, a new texture. It’s all very exciting.

Not least of all because I managed to get my mitts on THIS aka the world’s most exciting eye shadow palette ever aka the Bobbi Brown Brights Palette.
Isn’t it spectacular? My plan is this – stash this puppy in my handbag and then I have no excuse not to be rocking this season’s colour block shade on my eyelids each and every day for the rest of March, even if I get up really late (like today) and don’t have time to do any sort of impressive make up (like today).

Let the experiment commence…http://0

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