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Happy Mother’s Day! The Sanctuary and Lulu’s Time Bomb


Happy Mother’s Day! The Sanctuary and Lulu’s Time Bomb

Do you know who looks really good for her age? Bloody Lulu. And when someone looks good for their age, they’re usually pimped out to some beauty brand or high street store to rave about its wares. But not bloody Lulu. Oh no, she had to go and create her own range of pretty awesome skincare products that Mummy BeautyMecca and BeautyMecca’s GBF’s mummy absolutely love. And it’s not just because GBF’s mummy is Scottish, they actually love this stuff. Mummy BeautyMecca even has it on display on the bathroom because it’s so pretty.

So, they will be delighted to hear that Lulu has only gone and added a hand cream and a scent to the range. Perfecto timing for Mother’s Day. Nice one, Lulu. Order it from QVC or and make your life easy.

Alternatively, if it’s local, you could make your life even easier and earn some brownie points by sending ma off to the newly revamped The Sanctuary spa in London. Aside from TopShop, their gift vouchers are pretty much the only ones I’d ever deem acceptable (you can add M&S to that list if you’re actually talking about mummies, I am only mummy to a cat and even she’s been taken off me due to my living on the third floor and not even having enough food in the fridge to feed myself). Take a peepo at and peruse the options. At the moment, you can save up to 20% – score.http://0

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