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Please God Let Me Sleep: Champneys Perfect Sleep


Please God Let Me Sleep: Champneys Perfect Sleep

At this point, I’ll try anything. NO ONE gets in between me and sleep. Seriously, the entire male cast of Gossip Girl could pop round for the evening and if I thought it would stop me (I know they’re too young for me. I Don’t Care) getting some shut eye, I would… well, I’d ask them to keep it down in the living room. It would be rude to turn them away if they’ve made the trip, right?

Should they by some unforeseen circumstances NOT make it to The Penthouse this evening, I’m going to be rocking out my new Champneys Perfect Sleep prods. Namely the Pillow Mist and Body Butter, both of which are to die for. They’re also available from Sainsbury’s which is conveniently located underneath The Penthouse. I didn’t say it was a classy penthouse…

If you can’t make it to la supermarche, bag yours from Champneys.comhttp://0

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