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April Rules: Clairol Perfect 10


April Rules: Clairol Perfect 10

Okay, I have a confession to make…
You know I HEART my stylist, right? I have been faithful to Johnny at Lee Stafford longer than more or less anyone else in my life and quite frankly, he deserves it more than anyone else in my life.

But you know when I went brunette at the back end of last year? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it endlessly but I just wanted to check. Well, at first, it was on a bit of a whim because at the MyFace launch, Charlotte Tilbury told me I should and well, if Charlotte Tilbury tells you to dye your hair pink, you do it. But I was too scared so I sort of kind of might have used a temporary colour out of a box.
Followed by a permanent colour out of a box.
While drunk.
On my birthday.
In New York.

Now this is all well and good because it turned out okay (the birthday luck fairies were on my side) but then I didn’t know what to do when I got back to the UK having used a US exclusive brand out there.
Until I tried the really rather amazing and ridiculously easy to use Clairol Perfect 10. Honestly, I stopped using home hair colourants when I (allegedly) grew up but I’m totally turned around on this bad boy. I’m not saying if you’re getting classy highlights or going white blonde you should get your head under the tap but if you’re talking subtle changes, this is AMAZING. I’m no longer number bleurgh, mid-blonde but number 4, dark brown. And I’m glossy and shiny and deep and rich and I LOVE IT.

It really does work in ten minutes, it doesn’t smell like a cat has peed on your head and it’s simple to apply. And I also don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it but hello, recession? Salon colouring = not cheap. Home colours = cheap and fun and easy. Take a peep on the Clairol website and have a look for yourself…http://0

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