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April Rules: Smashbox O-Plump Gloss


April Rules: Smashbox O-Plump Gloss

Hands up if you still have a slightly childlike obsession with anything that changes colour – ideally based on your mood or how in love you are. It can’t possibly just be me.

Anyway, my wild immaturity aside, since we’re getting back to basics, what could be more simple than a really rather fabulous lipgloss that changes colour based on your own skintone!!!??? Oh yes, it’s that amazing, a very high level of punctuation is needed. It’s not just a gloss – it’s an ‘intuitive lip plumper’ with Goji Berry-C complex and gingermint to stimulate and plump the lips. And it’s just lovely.

The first time I used it, the tingle was a little intense but now I’m obsessed. My only concern is just how incredibly quickly I’m going to get through the tube given that I’m wearing it every single day. It’s much milder than Lip Venom and the fact that it goes on clear and then transforms into a pretty light pink colour (on me at least) actually makes me happier than a Mood Ring from Alton Towers.

Bag yours from QVC for £16.00http://0

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