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April Rules: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream


April Rules: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

It’s not very often that I am given to declare something a miracle. Okay, well, it’s quite often but it’s not often that I decide something is a miracle and then re-buy that something because as I’m sure you know, free things are almost always better than paid for things and I get a relatively good number of free things sent to me (I don’t enjoy it though, it’s all done for you. Self-sacrifice is what I’m all about).

Anyway, I’ve been bleating on about my terrible skin for what, the last four months now? And bless Mr Doctor because he did give me some antibiotic cream to use which seemed to clear things up, the only downside being it practically burned my skin. Seriously, I’ve never had sensitive skin but this bad boy left me red, blotchy and bad and it did nothing to heal the awful red scars that I was left with since I’m so ridiculously pale. And because I’d had to stop using my Creme de la Mer (lovely and wonderful as it is, it wasn’t helping my breakouts at all) I was starting to freak out about what moisturiser I could actually use.

Which is when the miracle happened.

Now, I am someone that has watched many (many, many) hours of Elemis on QVC.
I’ve enjoyed some of their products, the rose quartz mask, the frangipani and monoi oil shower cream are regualrs in my bathroom for example, but I’d never ventured into the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream territory before. It wasn’t cheap for one thing and for another, it seemed to have a similar consistency to Hope in a Jar which makes me break out at the best of times, let alone when I’m actually suffering from acne but Jebus be praised, after one last hour of QVC (Alison Young could sell me anything) I had to give it a go.

And I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. My skin is soft, radiant and even my fine dryness lines are significantly less noticeable. I am one hundred percent addicted to this stuff. Honest. No, really, I thought I was going to run out over the Easter weekend and I had to email the PR to find out if I could buy it in Westfield* for fear of my skin going a single day without this magic elixir. (Apparently, it’s not magic but Padina Pavonica, a fan-shaped algae but I don’t care. Whatever it is, I am a fan and will not be swayed from the pot of wonder.)

So, to cut a long blog post slightly shorter, if you’re looking for a new moisturiser or if you just fancy looking a billion times better than you do right now, invest in a pot at Time to Spa or pick it up from your local Elemis salon or counter. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

*and of course I could buy it at Westfield, because you can buy anything in Westfield, including eternal youth and happiness. Fact, fact fans.http://0

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