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April Rules: Stafford Salons


April Rules: Stafford Salons

My GOD it’s been a busy week.
Seriously, you know the kind, when you’re busy every second and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? Not fun.

Luckily, the one thing I never need to worry about is my hair. Thanks to the World’s Best Cut from my bestest ever ever ever in the whole wide world stylist, my do is never a don’t. Since I’ve dedicated this month to getting back to basics, there aren’t enough ways for me to reinforce how important I think a good haircut and a good stylist is to your life.

Think about it, how much would you spend on a coat? Or a well-fitting pair of jeans? Or awesome shoes? Exactly. And how often do you wear those things, a couple of times a week? A month? And now tell me, how often exactly do you wear your hair? And how much do you spend on that? Do you ever really want to put yourself in the position of having crap hair? No. no you do not. A long-term, good relationship with a good stylist is invaluable. They get to know you , they get to know your lifestyle, what you want to do with your hair, how much time you have to spend on it… tell me you get that sort of relationship at Supercuts and I will book my appointment. Oh, except you can’t.

Luckily, Johnny, (aka my second favourite person in the world after Milo Ventimiglia) is available to you all at the lovely Lee Staffords really rather fabulous new salon on Regent’s Place in London. Recently rebranded as Stafford’s Salons, the new place is amazing. It’s massive for a start and I’m pretty sure, unless you want to play chess against Gary Kasparov, there’s nothing they can’t sort out for you there. It’s so ridiculously glamorous, I find myself actually begging my fringe to grow up so I can pop back in for a trim. And my hair grows FAST.

So until a Stafford’s Salon opens near you, I say get yourself booked in to one of these beauties:
Staffords salons, London
0207 292 0300

Staffords salons, Essex
01702 471 954

Staffords salons, Sidcup
020 8302 2059

Good hair = a good mood = a happier you = a better world for everyone else.
booking yourself a haircut at Staffords is practically the nicest thing you can do for your fellow man.

And in case you don’t believe me, here is Boris Johnson at the opening of the Sidcup salon.
Look how happy he looks. And he’s eating an orange* – I bet they gave him that.

*UPDATE: That might actually be an orange

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