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Avon True Colour Eye Quad


Avon True Colour Eye Quad

Now, my preference for eye colour over lip has been well documented here. It’s mainly laziness – apply it properly and it lasts all day/night whereas lips need topping up allllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. Annoying.

So it gives me great pleasure to let you know that there are some ridiculously beautiful new eyeshadows on the market from those lovely people at Avon. No, really, they’re really beautiful and not at all for your mum. Well, I wouldn’t stop her from using them but I’d want first pick at the shades if I were you.

All the things you look for in a good eyeshadow are there – rich pigment, true colour, staying power and happily for the more shallow among us (i.e. me) the packaging is also super pretty. I love the Smokey Eyes and Denim Blues eyeshadow quads topped off with a shedload of the new Spectralash mascara – have you seen the adverts for that badboy? Three mascaras in one! With a cool gadgety little dial! It’s clearly the iPod touch of beauty products.
And if I haven’t been convincing enough, the quads are only £8.00.

Anyway, check out the Avon website or contact your local rep for a catalogue. And let’s be honest, we both know that’s what you want to do. The tiny book of beauty dreams…http://0

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