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April Rules: The Body Shop


April Rules: The Body Shop

I have recently (and by recently, I mean for the last three monthsish. I’ve been busy okay?) become obsessed with moisturising all over with ridiculous quantities of body butter twice a day. I think maybe it’s a pre-spring thing but honestly, I am so soft and smooth, you would slip if you tried to hang onto me on the tube. Well, you’d slip and then get the staring down of a lifetime for touching me in the first place.

There are so many great body lotions and potions out on the market at the moment but one of my absolute favourite products at the moment is The Body Shop’s body butters. Behold the evidence:

Exhibit a) the packaging is bright, colourful, it’s easy to see what it is and it’s easy to get the product out.

Exhibit b) there are bloody hundreds of different scents and they’re all delicious. I particularly love the shea butter, the papaya and the new wild cherry. Did you know, The Body Shop gets their cherry stones from jam factories to make the cherry oil? How awesome is that?

Exhibit c) Right now, they’re two for £20. Bargain.

Exhibit d) while you’re there stocking up on all this joy, you can also get the new cool Shimmer Cubes (awesome), the Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover (double awesome) and the Monoi Miracle Oil which smells delicious and leaves your skin insanely soft on occasions when you’re wanting something a little sexier than a body butter.

Oil is always sexier than butter, right? Uh, like Olive Oil versus Lurpak.
Case closed.http://0

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