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May-a-rama: The Sassy Minx


May-a-rama: The Sassy Minx

Now, I know you won’t believe this but there are days when quite frankly, I feel about as fabulous as a badger’s arse. No, really. And it has very little to do with how many products I can humanly apply in one sitting – if I’m feeling crappy on the inside, I’m looks beyond crappy on the outside. Luckily, I have my very own personal cheerleader who does not stand for this kind of rubbish. Work troubles? She’ll set me straight. Boy drama? Not on her watch. General no idea what you’re doing with your life? She will sort me out. She is a miracle worker.

And so it is with quite frankly, not a small degree of reluctance that I’m prepared to let you in on her. Throughout May, Lisa, officially One of the Best People in the World* is offering her services for a mere £45 (life coach services that is, gutterminds). For more deets, check out The Sassy Minx here.

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