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May-a-rama: Creme de la Mer The SPF 30 Protecting Fluid


May-a-rama: Creme de la Mer The SPF 30 Protecting Fluid

I am forever spouting on about using sunscreen every single day to anyone who will listen. Honestly, I think it’s so important. Not just so I can maintain my Casper-esque complexion but to avoid all those sun-related nasties as we get older – not least of all, Madonna claws…

However, I do understand that some peeps find it hard to find an SPF for the face that doesn’t clog their pores and I’ve yet to find an actual moisturiser with SPF that doesn’t irritate my skin so I accept that finding a product to use daily can be a pretty tricky task.

Which is why, ladies and (let’s be honest mostly gay) gentlemen, I present to you the new SPF 30 Fluid from Creme de la Mer. Before you get all snippy and tell me off for featuring too many premium brands in these troubled times let me remind you that a) this is your FACE we’re talking about. The same one you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your life (unless Face/Off actually happens which I doubt) and b) I refuse to accept the recession in any way. Despite it’s constant hammering down my doors. Boo recession, boo to you.

Anyway, as you might imagine, the SPF 30 Fluid is a little bit amazing. Not only is it chock full of Creme de la Mer goodness, it’s got Tourmaline and Malachtite in there to ‘help absorb light energy, turning it into green light, and helps enhance anti-oxidant activity. This helps prevent the appearance of skin discolouration and unevenness.’
No, really.

Pick one up, if only for kryptonite-esque powers, from your nearest Creme counter or at

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