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May-a-rama: MAC Double Dazzle


May-a-rama: MAC Double Dazzle

I am having a really, really, really shit week.
I can’t really explain why, it’s just a combination of lots of little crappy things that have culminated to a Tuesday lunchtime BLEAURGH session. Boo.

Only one thing to do. March myself right down to Westfield shopping centre and purchase the entirety of the new MAC Double Dazzle collection. Aren’t they beautiful?

I love MAC Dazzle Glasses more than maybe any other lipgloss. They’re subtly sparkly but don’t feel like they’re full of grit on your lips. Also, the colours are subtle but unmistakably there. Too many lipglosses look full of colour in the tube but play out so blah you can barely see them. I HEART Date Night and Love Alert but I think I’ll be going for ‘Stop! Look!’ and ‘Extra Amps’ tonight.

The new Dazzle Lash mascara is pretty special too. The teeny tiny brush catches every lash and really makes the your eyes open up. Pretty.
And I am desperately in need of some pretty right now.http://0

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