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May-a-rama: Beauty Flash Balm


May-a-rama: Beauty Flash Balm

Good god, I feel like I’ve been away forever. Sorry, being out of London for four days has literally turned my mind to mush – it’s not a good look. It’s done wonders for my hair though…

Anyway, as I may have mentioned, I was at a a festival in Brighton this weekend which was, lack of sleep aside, all kinds of fun. Unfortunately for my skin (as opposed to my hair which LOVED not being washed and ironed for a while) I was away from my Liz Earle/Elemis routine and it was NOT happy. It did seem to cheer up a little bit however, when I reintroduced it to our old friend and Dirty Stop Out kit favourite, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

I think I just went through a phase of using this too much and it lost all of it’s magical properties. Not so this weekend. I woke up, washed myself down and ew, looked in the mirror. Naught but grey and scary skin. One quick swipe of a paw loaded with Beauty Flash Balm and a couple of dabs of the eye cream under my peepers and I was human again!
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