May-a-rama: Bobbi Brown Customise Simplify Organise System

Hmm, do you ever go home at night, look around your place and want to have a bit of a sob?
Yeah, me too.
It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or when I do it, my flat is consistently littered with shit. There are magazines everywhere, cushions, blankets, clean clothes, empty glasses and most of all (you won’t be surprised to hear) loads and loads and loads of make up.

I’m all for a girl having a choice, we are fickle after all, but seriously, there’s no way I need everything that is in my flat. It’s just insane. Which is why I was so excited to hear about the new Bobbi Brown customised palette system. The little black boxes of Bobby Brown goodness on my coffee table/make up dumping ground make me so ridiculously happy, all sleek and shiny and filled with joy, so the idea of being able to build my own palette of wonder, makes me even happier.
Isn’t it pretty?

And clever Bobbi has even made a wee foundation to pop in so you don’t have to cart your regular bottle with you. It’s absolutely perfect for summer holidays and even better for busy lives/crowded handbags.
And, well, I’ve been keeping this to myself until the visa came through but THE BEST THING EVER IF YOU’RE MOVING TO NEW YORK IN AUGUST.
Ahem. More on that to follow…http://0

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