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May-a-rama: Eylipex-2


May-a-rama: Eylipex-2

Am hungover.
Or possibly dying.
Definitely one or the other.

At least I’ve got the Bank holiday weekend to recover, right? Wrong. I have a friend’s birthday drinks tonight, am off to a festival tomorrow and then am meeting my mother on Monday. My MOTHER.

In an attempt to not have her think I cannot manage my life in the style of a fully functioning adult (this is constantly up for dispute), I shall be rigorously sticking to my new Eylipex-2 routine in an attempt to look a bit human.
From the lovely people that brought us Tri-Aktiline Deep Wrinkle Filler, Eylipex-2 is a two part eye programme, with a day gel and a night cream, full of super active ingredients that help reduce dark circles and wrinkles.
Need it now.

You can get yours at Boots or
If I live through the weekend, I’ll let you know how convinced Mummy BeautyLover was.http://0

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